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I have felt, for a while now, compelled to write my musings around my educational passion: 16-19 education. In our current knowledge and research-rich education sector, there appears to be very little literature specifically focusing on 16-19 leadership. I am an advocate for the sixth form phase and believe it to be the most exciting phase of secondary education. I hope that, in sharing my thoughts, I might ignite something in middle leaders that allows them to consider a move to sixth form leadership.  These thoughts are entirely my own and I do not profess to be an expert; I merely want to open up a conversation about sixth form leadership so that those wishing to become involved in it can do so ‘with their eyes open’.  Hence the name: 'The Sixth Form Slant' - it's my slant on all things 16-19.  The step up to sixth form leadership can be taken from any middle leadership position: whether department, faculty or pastoral leadership is your experience, all of it will serve you well in the multi-faceted field of sixth form leadership.

I'm just starting out, in the busiest time of my career, so bear with me if my posts are rather infrequent for now!

Claire Green, Director of Sixth Form, Northampton School for Girls

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